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​​This site is for all friends and families nationwide who would like to order Avon Products from our regular make up and skin care line or our skin care products like,  Skin So Soft, to Bug Guard, ANEW, ​ Bath and More,  to Clothes, shoes, dresses, jewelry, you name it!  

I even have Coupons that will help you save money while doing good.  Last year Avon donated over 1 Billion to Breast Cancer Research.  In this way, you get what you need and are still contributing to Research for Breast Cancer.  So you can order Skin So Soft and Avon Bug guard, but when you choose to order products that are set aside as donation products, Karen Meyer says," Avon works hard to effect results and a portion is donated to research from each sale of the products that are set aside as Breast Cancer (breast cancer products) or Domestic Violence.".  When you choose to order (blue) products that are set aside as donation products, Avon will donate a portion of the sale to Domestic Violence.  Products can ship to all contiguous United States. Karen Meyer skin so soft and avon bug guard.  Karen Meyer breast cancer products - portion donated to research.

 ​I'm a survivor.  I love working with Avon because they donate some of our proceeds to Research.

Love heals all

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Karen Meyer, Avon Rep near Downtown Oldtown Scottsdale

Stories of Hope

I'm Karen Meyer. We can get you  Avon Breast Cancer products.  I live in Old Town Scottsdale and this is my story.  We have avon  products close to Old Town Scottsdale.  You can select from my catalog - just call me,  Send me your story and I'll put it up. We have items to commemorate breast cancer research - portion to research by Avon

​Avon Breast Cancer Products in Old Town Scottsdale

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