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I nursed all my kids because I didn't want to get Cancer.  That is what they told mothers in the  70s.  I thought I was doing the right thing and of course, I was.  All 5 of my kids had the blessings of antibodies from Mother's Milk.  In 2005, they noticed that my breasts were getting more cystic and suggested that I start having regular mammograms.  In 2008, I moved to Arizona and married my High School Sweetheart.  I never imagined what could happen next.

 In December of 2008, they said that I had some rapidly growing cells in the ducts.  The very milk ducts that I had nursed from.  There was no time to even think about it.  Within 1 week, I was having​ a lumpectomy and a diagnosis of ductal carcinoma insitu.  Everything was going to be fine until in December 2009, it happened again on the other side.  I was stunned.  Again, another lumpectomy but nothing since.  I am so grateful and so grateful to be working with a Company that takes it so seriously. "I thought, Karen Meyer, knock yourself upside the head and move forward! Your feelings about survival from breast cancer are not really important, here. What is important is that I carry Avon breast cancer products in Old Town Scottsdale and you use this chance to help others and help awareness that 1) it can happen to you, and 2) do something good in your community.  Karen Meyer avon breast cancer products

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Avon Breast Cancer Products in Old Town Scottsdale

"I love working with Avon because they are the only company I know of who donated a portion of the proceeds to Breast Cancer research.  The breast cancer products - portion donated to research - products are lovely and almost always pink!"

Karen Meyer

Feelings of Survival From Breast Cancer

Are there any other products?

What is different about this company than any other company?  Why does it stand head and shoulders over all the rest of the other online catalog stores?  Why don't you need a coupon for the breast cancer products?                                              

With the breast cancer products, they aren't products to help you get over breast cancer.  I just call them that because they are set apart from the other items as Avon donates a portion of the proceeds to Research, are always changing.  You can tell them in the catalog because they are almost always Pink!  These are some of the super cute items and they change frequently so there will be others.  I just wanted to show you a sampling.  



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